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Ignite the Spark Magazine is designed to bring forward and highlight the local Tucson community. It is here to help uplift, inspire and create an outlet for all to be heard that are looking for an avenue to do so. We want to be able to find new ways to address topics that are overlooked but in need of being said. We want to encourage the underdog and bring their passions to light. We want to allow all voices to be heard and let everyone know that they are not alone. We encourage all writers, poets or anyone else under the sun that has something to say to submit their articles for us to take a look at to include you in one of our magazines. Please take a look at our magazines and let us know how we are doing or if you would like to be a part of it. You can submit your articles or photos by filling out the form above or direct emailing us at 
Thank you!! 
Johnny and the Spark Project Collective team.
Vol. 1: Introduction to SPC

Read about the events SPC has done over the years and what we are about.

Enjoy art by John Vasquez and Adam Yeater

Read band reviews!!
Vol. 2: Suicide Prevention Issue

Suicide Awareness-The reason for a bully, toubles at home and the struggles with social media.

The Monsoon Collective - The gathering of Tucson Artists

Inspirational Quotes and Poetry, 3 Things We Want in a Relationship, Rock the Plank, Pyrate's Booty, Piercing Pleasures, Started with a Mosh, Knocked Down